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2016-2017 Company Picture

Front: Jordan Ferguson, Isabel Soldner, Noah Chu, Connor Patton, Hannah Bradley
Back: Tae Park, Joshua Gill, Sam Jenkins, JP Mier, Husain Juwaid, Luis Sanchez

Employee of the Month

January 2017

Isabel Soldner, Logistics Consultant

Our first employee of the month for 2017 is our Logistics Consultant Isabel Soldner. Isabel is still getting acclimated into her new position but has revamped the companies organizational skills. Previously, she had been close to breaking through but lacked leadership. Isabel has done well recruiting new employees and her leadership skills are blossoming as she continues to lead our company through her actions. She has led the way in coordinating our trip to New York in April and has cracked down on deadlines. She has also assumed the responsibility of weekly productivity rubrics.